Our Story

Our Story

Meet the Founder

Hi, I am Pamela, founder of Pam Pam Buns. I was born in Thailand and moved to Australia to study in Sydney, Australia. I frequently prepared meals for my friends and this eventually led to a passion for cooking.

I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs. Seeing the dedication and hardship of my parents running their business one after another, some fail and some success. I seem to inherit the entrepreneur blood from them.

After I graduated, the only goal in my mind is to set up my own business. With my passion for food in a combination of my Thai background and my love of steamed buns, Pam Pam Buns was born.

I have created buns range as vegan as I grew up in a vegetarian family. Majority of my food since young is veggie and fruit. So I have a desire to create my range that both vegan and non-vegan can enjoy. 

I have started my bun business from small by selling and delivering to friends and customer house then start selling in markets. Meanwhile, I also educated myself a lot through business education from various sources and studies in commercial cookery to properly learnt how to cook in a commercial kitchen. With great feedback on my product, after two years, I have decided to rent a premise, renovate and set up my own factory.

It hasn’t been easy as I had no experience but I ultimately get through it and be able to get my very first stores in Sydney CBD in 2019 and get into my first distributor in 2020 for NSW. In 2021, Pam Pam Buns is expanding to the interstate.

I am very happy that my business is growing and I can share happiness through good food. I hope I expand to more areas so everyone can enjoy the buns. Any feedback you may have please let me know. I would love to hear 🙂